Gloomy Bear Halloween

Our window gets the Halloween treatment thanks to the barrage of Gloomy Bear Halloween merchandise that just came in! That includes new Revoltech Gloomy Bear and Halloween cosplay Gloomy Bear!

Gloomy Bear Revoltech PRIZE Editions

Don’t miss the Revoltech Gloomy Bear Action Figures PRIZED editions! Featuring two different styles – Adult Gloomy Bear and Baby Gloomy Bear with Piti-kun. This is the first baby Gloomy Bear edition they’ve made and it’s super cute!

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Revoltech Toy Story Woody & Buzz

Disney/Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear and Woody joins the Kaiyodo Revoltech lineup with super detailed action figures and lots of accessories. In stock now!

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Revoltech Toro/Kuro Soccer Editions

Did your favorite team get eliminated from the World Cup? Not to worry, you can reenact your favorite moves with Cats, specifically Toro and Kuro from the popular Revoltech lineup.

New Alien Revoltech in Stock

Revoltechs have usually been the super robots or otaku Japanese anime character. They recently introduced a new character line up and starts off with the ALIEN license! If there is ever an Alien action figure out there, this should be the one you want! Super poseable, six inches tall, and lots of accessories. We’re tempted . . . → Read More: New Alien Revoltech in Stock