Tokidoki x Marvel T-Shirt Sale!

What have we done! What madness is this? We have so many Tokidoki shirts that we’ve decided to put them on sale in case Santa didn’t bring you the one you wanted. That’s right, buy one Tokidoki T-shirt, get the second Tokidoki T-Shirt for 1/2 off. Over 10 different styles and selections for Men & . . . → Read More: Tokidoki x Marvel T-Shirt Sale!

New Tokidoki x Marvel T-Shirts

The latest designs of Tokidoki x Marvel T-Shirts makes awesome gifts for that special someone. Available in both men or women sizes with seven styles to choose from.

Tokidoki Crossover Skateboard Decks

We just received two new Tokidoki Skateboard Decks featuring a collaboration with Hello Kitty and Marvel Comics (version 2). Both are limited (as usual!) and we only have a small amount of stock.

Tokidoki x Marvel Skateboard

Tokidoki x Marvel Skateboards back in stock for a limited time!

Tokidoki x Marvel T-Shirts

Tokidoki goes crazy cute over the Marvel Comics characters. Our skateboard edition just sold out, so you’d better grab the t-shirts why they are still here.