1000% HF Fragment Be@rbrick

The latest 1000% Fragment Be@rbrick is in stock! Designed by Hiroshi Fujiwara (HF). That’s three feet of matte black goodness.

200% EAMES Be@rbrick

A small batch of 200% EAMES Be@rbrick is in stock now! It’s all metal and articulated with the popular design of EAMES Office.

Kubrick / Be@rbrick Display Cases

In stock now! We’ve been getting folks asking us in the past for these Kubrick & Be@rbrick Display Cases and now they are back in stock! Put your favorite Be@rbrick and Kubricks in these nifty clear cases by Medicom. Stack them wide or stack them tall, it’ll keep your collection neat and cool.

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Enjoi Skateboard Be@rbrick

Enjoi Skateboard’s fake pig costume is on a be@rbrick. In stock now!

New Be@rbrick & restocks

100% STAPLE Be@rbrick and restocked 400% My First Baby & Tomokazu Matsuyama Be@rbricks.