Charley and Humphrey Shirt at Wonder Con

Charley and Humphrey Shirt

We saw this really awesome Charley and Humphrey Shirt at Wondercon. It was made by Motenai Comics. They sold out of them at Wondercon but we still hope we can get one.

Charley and Humphrey are a Bay Area thing from way back times from childhood. Here is the copy paste from Wookiepedia.

“At one time McCormick voiced and performed a series of one-minute public service announcements on KGO-TV and KTVU-TV. Targeted for children, they featured two puppets called Charley and Humphrey; Charley was a horse who wore a sea captain’s hat, and Humphrey Hambone was a bulldog. Other occasionally seen puppets were “Sneezer,” “Shagnasty Bear,” and “Pussyfoot,” a piano-playing cat in sunglasses.”

Check out the video and let the memories come rushing back…

We are loving it. LOVE IT!