BoS says North Beach Library is mad dank, gots to go jabronie

Curbed SF via Landmark Status a No-Go: Yesterday the Board of Supervisors voted….

Yesterday the Board of Supervisors voted 10-1 against making the North Beach branch library a landmark, despite heavy support to the contrary from preservation advocates. Why, even the district’s own David Chiu asked for a “No” vote on landmark designation. “I think it cheapens the historic landmark designation for the other buildings that do have merit,” Chiu said. For a recap of all the drama take a peek at the Curbed SF North Beach library archives. [SF Gate]

David Chiu finally put his down and stood up the geriatric political power structure of North Beach the other day. The new library can finally be built. Kids can get a quiet, clean place to read and the beatniks will have somewhere to do their freestyle full contact poetry nights.