The Official 2012 Double Punch Black Friday Sale

The Darkness onces again envelopes the shop this Friday! Yes, it’s time for our annual Brutal Black Friday sale! We’ll be playing metal all day and night to bring you those sweet Black Friday savings. How do you get these great savings? Easy as printing out a coupon.

Print out the coupon above and present it at double punch for great savings! This coupon is only good for three days! This coupon won’t work online, just our retail shop in North Beach – San Francisco. So if you print it out and rub the paper on your monitor displaying, nothing will happen. So let’s recap…

This Friday, November 23rd, 2012 from 11am to 2pm, you will receive 20% off your entire purchase. WOW! You MUST print the coupon and present it to the cashier to get the savings. If you don’t own a printer, you can show this blog post on your phone. We’ve entered the era where people own more smart phones than have printers at home.

After Friday at 2pm, it will be a 15% off coupon and valid for 3 days (November 23rd – November 25th). One coupon per person please. Sorry, coupons cannot be combined. You cannot bring a bunch of them in, tape them together and form some kind of Voltron of savings.