Meanwhile at Double Punch…

What’s new this week at Double Punch! Astroboy, Gunnerkrigg Court and more.
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Sario’s Hair Design has moved!


Sario’s Hair Design has moved! Sario’s Hair Design was one of the last proper Barbers in North Beach. Sario’s has moved two doors down from his old shop to 170 Columbus Avenue. If you used to get a hair cut there before and saw his old shop gone, now you know where to go!

JOHN DOE SHOW opens tonight at 7pm!


opening Friday, July 12 / 7pm – 10pm / Double Punch, SF, CA

The Double Punch gallery will be packed with fantastical creatures, mythical happenings and impossible landscapes by Jo(h)ns from around the globe.

Work by:

Jon Boam
John Casey
John D. Deardourff
Jean de Wet
Jon Lau
Jon MacNair
John Malta
Jonny Negron

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Meanwhile at Double Punch…

A little video about what’s new this week at Double Punch

New Minecraft Cardboard Heads Are In Stock

minecraft-creeper-head minecraft-steve-head

Now you can tear up your back yard looking for diamonds wearing a Steve mask. This week we have the new Minecraft Steve and Creeper masks in stock.