BEST IN SHOW opening this Saturday

Who let the dawgs out?
Do you like dogs? Do you like art? Then you will love this line up of artists who are bringing their favorite pooches to the canvas.

Small works of dogs on paper, by dogs’ best friends:

Alyssa Kazew, Andy Gabrysiak, Cam Floyd, Chris Kuzma, Dadu Shin, Edward Cheverton, Emily Partridge, Evah Fan, Gemma Correll, Graham Yarrington, Heather Kahn, Hiromi Ueyoshi, Hisashi Okawa, James Ulmer, Jason Furie, Jesse Balmer, Jing Wei, JooHee Yoon, Julian Birchman, Julianna Brion, Kevin Laughlin, KJ Martinet, Kris Mukai, Laurel Mahaffey, Leah Wishnia, Lo Sassen, Laura Perez-Harris, Matt Houston, Marlene Frontera, Mike Bear, Mildred, Michael Olivo, Nanae Kawahara, Nick Illuzada, Niv Bavarsky, Noah Frase, Pacolli, Ping Zhu, Robyn Ng, Roman Muradov, Sam D’Orazio, Sophia Foster-Dimino, Tom Hunter, Tom Toye, Torie Leigh, Travis Millard, Victo Ngai, Zach Vaupen, Zejian Shen

Please note we will be playing “Who let the dogs out” at least once during the show.

Buy a toy, help out a toy-store owner who was robbed on her birthday

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Heather writes, “All around amazing lady, Kristen Rask, who owns and operates the delightful Schmancy toy store in downtown Seattle was robbed on her birthday- literally. Thieves broke into her shop, breaking the glass door and stole her computer, Ipad and cash- ON HER BIRTHDAY. Kristen is a great friend to plush artists, hosting one of the only handmade plush toy art shows in the country, Plush You, and works tirelessly on her store and the numerous books she’s published. She’s also an amazing lady, taking time out her busy schedule to mentor people in her field (myself included). Luckily, her inventory was left intact- and since the holidays are right around the corner, the best way to help her out is by shopping at her store.”

You can support visit schmancy at this link or clicking the picture below!


Meanwhile at Double Punch…

Meanwhile at Double Punch...

Basement cleaning Tuesday uncovers a couple of rare Pinky Street.
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FOUR SQUARE group show opens tonight, Friday the 13th!

FOUR SQUARE group show opens tonight, Friday the 13th!

Taking advantage of the gallery’s location in North Beach (which draws a lot of tourists and a lot of children), FOUR SQUARE will expose new audiences to the incredible variety and quality in independent comics. 30 local and international artists have been asked to produce a single, 8x8inch, 4-panel comic. The subject and medium is open. By limiting the format and hanging the work, each artist’s unique approach will be emphasized equally. A catalogue of the show will be printed by LA-based, Never Press.

Work by-

Aaron Shunga / Aidan Koch / Alabaster / Anna Deflorian / Dane Martin / Gabe Gonzales / Hicham Amrani / James Chong / Jesse Balmer / Jesse Fillingham / John Malta / Jon Vermilyea / Jonny Negron / Karissa Sakumoto / KJ Martinet / Lale Westvind / Laura Perez-Harris / Leah Wishnia / Lizz Hickey / Malachi Ward / Matt Furie / Michael Olivo / Niv Bavarsky / Patrick Kyle / Roman Muradov / Sam Hayes / Sophia Foster-Dimino / Tim Beckhardt / Tom Hunter / Tom Toye / Zejian Shen

Curated by Alison Dubois

The John Doe Show art is now for sale online


The John Doe Show art is for sale online right now. Click here as hard as you can to buy it.