North Beach New: Check out Little Vine on Grant Street

Inside Little Vine

North Beach locals, check out Little Vine at 1541 Grant St. Here is what they are all about but if you are too lazy to read all that, just know they have good cheese, meat and produce. They are also very nice.

Our idea for Little Vine started many years ago while living in Europe, we fell in love with the little shops that inhabited every corner. From cheese shops to the local butcher or green grocer, there was a quaint feeling of specialized service in the spirit of these shops. This feeling was also captured in North Beach many years ago, and we look forward to bringing it back.

Little Vine will try and capture that feeling the of old North Beach. We want to create a shop for people who love to cook and eat, that focuses on all of the wonderful things that are made and grown in Northern California. We will offer a large selection of locally made farmhouse and creamery cheeses, pasture raised poultry, organic beef and seasonal fresh produce. We will also offer high quality staple items for our neighbors, including bulk olive oil, spices and other dry goods.

Along with our passion for food, is our love of wine. We have been involved in the California wine industry for over 10 years. Our favorite wines come from small production, family-owned wineries. We look forward to bringing a selection of these amazing local wines to North Beach at reasonable prices.