Tonight! 9/19 Ninjatown Nintendo DS Sneak Peak Tour

Ninjatown Flyer

Do you have a penchant for elite killing machines turned into cute, cuddly cartoons and then made into an action strategy game? Of course you do, it’s only human nature. Luckily for all humanity, Ninjatown, with characters designed by Shawnimals, is coming to the DS. We gave you our impressions on the game at E3, but now you don’t have to take our word for it because Ninjatown is going on a tour across America. An America which includes only three cities: Chicago, New York and San Francisco. That covers the east, west and midwest and there really isn’t much anywhere else anyhow, right?

Double Punch

1821 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA

Friday, September 19, 7pm-9pm / Opening Reception

Saturday, September 20, 1pm-5pm

Ninjatown creator, Shawn Smith, alongside Jen Brody will be on hand to personally talk about their plush creations and how they’ve made the transition to the virtual world. Shawn will be bringing along exclusive one-of-a-kind Ninjatown merchandise, and Double Punch will be showcasing a gallery of Ninjatown concept art as well as original Shawnimals paintings and drawings.